Patron Lens

The Patron Lens: Using Data-Driven Targeted Messages to Engage Audiences

What is engagement?

Putting data in context

Different data sources
Social media
Ticketing systems
Web analytics
3d party systems

The messages the Academy of Arts sent out were based on assumptions not backed by data.

Looking at their data and changing their messages resulted in an increase of 40% seats sold in the Generation X and Millennials category.

So it is important to understand your data because within that information you can develop messages that are appropriate for the different segments of your audiences.

Looking deeper at single show ticket buyers- did you invite these people to other shows or was your next message to this group asking for their support for a campaign?

Messages for single tickets buyers, lapse ticket buyers should be a different message than you would to season tickets buyers.

Context! Avoid the wtf message moment.

If you are trying to reach new audiences in your direct mailing, don't send a message that isĀ meant for someone who has already established a relationship with you. Introduced your self.

Segment email list, study email list for better targeted messages

Those who unsubscribe, perhaps there is a better communication channel ie FB.


View this slideshare for more info.

Case Study: Seattle Repertory Theatre

Ticket Buyer Segmentation Report