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Executive Director Biboti Ouikahilo, a native from the Ivory Coast, West Africa, created the vision for Wacheva in 1994 while still living in the Ivory Coast. Wacheva believes in the creative and educational development of youth and families by implementing Arts from around the world, and in particularly, African culture. The name “Wacheva” comes from the language of the Gouro people, an ethnic group in West Ivory Coast, West Africa. The word “Wacheva” means “Unity.” This word is more than just a name, but a simple expression of the core belief in nurturing the youth and building community.

By its mission, Wacheva is a multicultural arts organization. Today, through Wacheva’s programs, presented by our talented instructors, children and adults alike are able to experience an expansive understanding of many cultures and ethnic artistic traditions. Witnessing those teachers sharing their knowledge with the students is like watering the garden for its survival. It’s a way to immortalize these cultures because humanity can cease to exist, but the traditions remain alive through the voice of others. It is the dream of human understanding, acceptance, and unity to be expressed in our own communities. To continue to build this bridge and to continue to realize this dream, we must support one another.
I believe that the integration of each culture from around the world, without discrimination, will contribute to the betterment of mankind and that is what we aim for at Wacheva
- Biboti Ouikahilo

Contact: Biboti Ouikahilo
Address: 117 Harvard Place
Syracuse, NY 13210
Telephone: 315-396-0748
Mobile: 315-715-1974
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