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Steve Nyland (b. 1967, Albany NY) is a lifelong resident of Syracuse NY where he received his BFA from Syracuse University in 1992. Steve received his MFA from SUNY Albany in June 1997 and attended Empire State College in Manhattan after, serving as studio intern for artists Mel Bochner and Luca Buvoli. He was active in exhibiting his work in NYC through March of 2002, then took a six year professional hiatus to concentrate on writing and video game design. Steve began painting full time again in 2009, working as a gallery assistant through the summer of 2012 including a 20 year retrospective of works in June of 2012.

Steve currently serves as co-Chair of the Project-U Artists Group in Utica and acted as the Associate Director of Visual Arts for the 2014 Utica Music & Arts Fest. He has maintained his ties to Syracuse serving as Artist in Residence at the BC Restaurant Gallery, a contributing artist to the Syracuse Public Arts Task Force, exhibited at the Delevan Center's Szozda Gallery during the spring and summer of 2013, and numbers group exhibits at The Tech Garden since the fall of 2012. He has exhibited & worked at the Broad Street Gallery and its parent Hamilton Center for the Arts in Hamilton NY since August of 2012, with ongoing representation including a solo show in October of 2014. Steve currently maintains a studio and serves as Artist in Residence is the director of the Macartovin Building project space in the downtown Utica business district.

Facebook: Art By Nyland