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Sculpture Space is an international residency program that provides specialized studio workspace for professional artists whose focus is sculpture. We are dedicated to the belief that art, particularly sculpture, has the power to strengthen our understanding of the world around us. We are committed to providing artists with the time and resources to fully explore their creative potential. Sculpture Space also seeks to expand public awareness of & support for contemporary art by creating opportunities for artists to share their work with the community through exhibitions, lectures, & educational outreach.

Offering two-month residencies and 24 hour access to a studio, Sculpture Space provides emerging, mid-career and established artists with the physical space, technical assistance, specialized equipment, financial support and uninterrupted time to fully engage in artistic exploration. Through works-in-progress receptions, guest lectures, and tours, Sculpture Space also provides artists with opportunities to interact with the public to provide cultural enrichment to the community.

Contact: Tom Montan
Address: 12 Gates Street
Utica, NY 13502
Telephone: 315-724-8381
Fax: 315-797-6639
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