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We offer educational opportunities for the artist to explore the nature of habit as it relates to mindfulness and balance in the practice of artistic endeavors. Private, semi-private and group classes are available. Lessons are individually tailored. Our interest lies is creating an environment to explore the connections between how we think and how we move. There are no right or wrong answers, only experiments.

How you move affects both the conceptual process and the performance of artistic practices, such as how one sits at the keyboard , how one coordinates eyes with hands, and how one whispers on stage. Learning the Alexander Technique can include:
* relearning basic movements such as sitting, standing, walking, bending, speaking and singing.
* enhancing awareness and unraveling excess tension while you lie on a bodywork table.
* refining activities you choose, such as, playing an instrument, golfing, working at a keyboard, text messaging, public speaking, dancing,
acting, or horseback riding.

Private lessons offer an exceptional experience in mind and body wholeness.
To learn first-hand, it is best to take private or semi-private lessons. Lessons are 45 minutes in length. For most of this time, the focus will be on
everyday movements, especially sitting and standing. During a lesson, students
will also participate in semi-supine table work by observing how directly their
thinking affects their entire neuromuscular experience.

The Alexander Technique of Syracuse studio is in the Delavan Center, 509 West Fayette St, Suite 249, Syracuse, New York.

Contact: Kathy Miranda, M. AmSAT
Address: 509 West Fayette Street
Studio 249
Syracuse, NY 13204
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