“Wisdom () and Other Things”


By Shanna Fuld
Editorial Assistant
October 18, 2013

Art faculty member Cara Brewer Thompson presents an interactive exhibit of her digital prints.

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The world is moving at a fast pace when it comes to technology, which is why Cara Thompson, professor and artist at Oswego State chose to have her pieces give people a moment to slow down and relax.

“I let the Universe give me wisdom,” Thompson said during the opening remarks for the gallery “and sometimes it gave me nonsense, which I also liked.”

The exhibit “Wisdom & Other Things” is full of post cards, pencil sketches and digital prints. Thompson created her own computer program, which is partly responsible for the pieces she produced. The pieces that are not sketched by pencil were done using her software, which would take photographs and merge them with other images. From there, the editing process took Thompson to the finished pieces hanging on the walls, and post cards in holders left for people to share with each other.

Pieces had a lot of blue and sometimes words or letters. One piece is a close up of the words “of the” from a work by Aristotle. Thompson said she was playing with the idea that maybe the words “of the” were more important than the meat of his sentence, and captured those words up close standing alone. Thompson said her focus is on space and silence. All of the pieces in the gallery were previously made during Thompson’s sabbatical. She took the time to appreciate light, space, and the quiet. They reflect these qualities by showing a unique use of light and broken down images from pictures like a copied image of a book page.

Thompson's sketches were made through an interesting process by creating a second software, one that loads part of an image and focuses only on a specific section, zoomed in and intensified. She gave herself one minute of time to sketch what she saw. Once the image came off the screen, she would sketch the rest according to memory or imagination.

The sketches were small in size -- a reflection of her admiration for tweets. “I really love tweet technology,” said Thompson. Thompson defended her statement by saying it is interesting what people can produce in so few characters, thus giving her the idea for producing artwork in short amounts of time on small paper.

Mimicking this exercise, Thompson includes an interactive section of the exhibit that allows art students (or any other participants) to view the image on the screen, grab a pad and sketch for the allotted time. After sketching, there is an option to take the sketch home and complete it, or leave it in a bin for someone else to complete! Whether trading pieces or keeping your own, Thompson loves to “spark the creative mind” and has even taken some of the sketches left in the box for herself.

“Wisdom & Other Things” captures the wisdom and the nonsensical side of life. Computer software effects on photos with interesting light and shadow is what makes the pieces in the Tyler Art gallery work together and create a sense of slow and calm yet intense.

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