We Honor Poet Thea St. Omer

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Thea St. Omer was a valuable part of the Syracuse arts community. Originally from California, she was pursuing a filmmaking career in Syracuse - in addition to being a writer, teacher, artist, and independent shopkeeper. She brightened people's lives with her kindness and generosity.

Thea was a contributor to the Poster Project. One of her haiku is featured on a poster (illustrated by Katherine Flores)from the 2014 poster series. This poster, which features a corner of Armory Square close to Thea's boutique, will serve as a memorial. Starbucks has agreed to install the memorial at its Armory Square location. You can help by donating.

We hope to install the poster by August. Our goal is to raise $400 for the memorial, which will cover the expenses of printing, laminating, and mounting. If you believe in the power of artists to touch our city, and especially if you knew and admired Thea, please help fund the memorial.

Posted On: July 24, 2015
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