Three Unique Syracuse Neighborhoods

For an Artistic Lifestyle

By Nick Elam, Contributing Writer,

Syracuse’s strong art scene and cultural diversity offer art enthusiasts a rich living experience. While most neighborhoods contain a variety of creative masterpieces, a few areas stand out as significant artistic locations. Residents living in these areas enjoy an art-filled lifestyle. What does it take to live in these neighborhoods?

Currently, living in Syracuse is relatively inexpensive for moving art aficionados. The median listing price of homes in the Syracuse metro is $145,000, and the median monthly rent price is $915. Compared to New York state’s median listing price of $324,900 and median monthly rent price of $2,350, homes in Syracuse are less expensive.

To live in an art-rich area, check out affordable homes and apartments in these three Syracuse neighborhoods.


A 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo is on the market for $399,000. This old factory-turned-condominium exemplifies downtown Syracuse urban living.

Downtown residents enjoy a healthy arts community, located near many historic landmarks, museums and art galleries. Art lovers can appreciate the Italianate architecture throughout Armory Square where mid-19th century residential and commercial buildings still stand. Residents have access to a variety of cultural events with close proximity to the Museum of Science and Technology, the War Memorial and several theaters. Finding a home in the downtown area is pricier than the metro as a whole. The median list price of homes in Downtown Syracuse is $235,000 and the median monthly rent price is $1,500. While more expensive than the Syracuse metro, folks living in the area experience art around every corner in their daily lives.


A 7-bedroom home is on the market for $74,900. This classic Victorian style home reflects the neighborhood's 19th century heritage.

Syracuse’s Northside neighborhood holds a wealth of cultural diversity. Since the founding of the city, Northside has served as an immigrant neighborhood. The influx of people introduced a flood of culture still vibrant in today’s art, music and community gatherings. Northside homes have a median listing price of $72,000 and a median monthly rent cost of $1,005. Living in Northside is an affordable option for folks desiring a more diverse and artistic way of life. Many Victorian-era homes and other late 19th century styles still stand, adding to the architectural brilliance in the neighborhood. Northside Up commits to improving livability in the neighborhood by creating artistic opportunities to revitalize the community. Art lovers interested in the area should check out their organization to get more involved.

Near Westside

A 4-bedroom home in Near Westside is on the market for $59,900. This Italianate structure is prevalent throughout the neighborhood.

While Near Westside is largely developing, recent renovation efforts in the area place greater value on the neighborhood’s art and cultural diversity. Organizations such as La Casita Cultural Center and the Delavan Center promote a strong cultural and artistic community by hosting events and programs that strengthen relationships. Italianate style homes dominate the Near Westside neighborhood, however, recent developments introduced more modern and contemporary style homes. These designs complement the historical homes and demonstrate progress in the community. Near Westside homes have a median list price of $59,900 and a median monthly rent price of $1,021. Additionally, prices are inexpensive in comparison to the Syracuse metro.


Whether searching for a home close to art communities, these three neighborhoods provide an opportunity to embody an artistic lifestyle. Each area hosts artistic homes and venues paired with culturally rich communities. For further information about art and culture in Syracuse, visit CNY Arts.


Posted On: January 21, 2015
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