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When the Montreal International Film Festival runs on August 28, 29 & 30 the city of Syracuse will be paying extra attention to a film showing in competition there. The film, Is That You, was shot in Syracuse in 2012, and the names of Syracuse actors, crew, producers, caterers, and locations will show up in the credits.

Is That You was written and directed by Dani Menkin (Israel), also the director of Dolphin Boy, Je T’aime, I Love You Terminal, and 39 Pounds of Love, among others. Dani spent 6 months in Syracuse (2012) as an Artist in Residence in the Film Program, College of Visual & Performing Arts, Syracuse University and finished his stay in Syracuse with a 4-week film shoot, resulting in Is That You.

The feature film stars Alon Aboutboul (Batman-The Dark Knight Rises, Munich, Homeland, NCIS-LA, Burn Notice) as Ronnie. In the film, Ronnie comes to Syracuse to visit his brother and stays to look for Rachel, the love of his life from his college days. Rachel is played by Suzanne Sadler. Once in the USA, Ronnie goes on a road trip to find Rachel and along the way encounters many characters, played by local actors Navroz Dabu, Amy Doherty, Celia Madeoy, Peter Moller, Christine Fawcett-Shapiro, and others. Naruna De Macedo-Kaplan plays Myla, a film student who befriends Ronnie and keeps him encouraged throughout his quest. De Macedo Kaplan is an actress and film director from Israel. Rani Bleier, an actor from Israel, plays Ronnie’s brother Jacob, a Syracuse car dealer. Madeoy (SU Drama Dept.) and Moller (Newhouse School of Communications) are actors and also Syracuse University faculty members.

The film’s production staff is also populated by film professionals from Syracuse, including Jim Mead (Sound Production), Alec Erlebacher and Q Park (Assistant Production Directors), David Gandino (Assistant Locations Manager), Clare Wang and Tanya Schiller (Art Directors), and Owen and Christine Shapiro (Producers.) Additional production assistants came from Shapiro’s filmmaking classes at Syracuse University. The film’s producer, Divi Crockett, Assistant Director Shlom Ben Yar, Production Director Bruce Cole, and Director’s Assistant Daniel Jourdan have all worked with Menkin on other productions around the world.

Dani Menkin is an award-winning writer, director and producer. He won the Israeli Academy Award (The Ophir) for 39 Pounds of Love which was sold to HBO and was short-listed for the American Oscars (2006.) His film Dolphin Boy (2011, co-directed with Yonathan Nir) won awards around the world and has been bought by Disney for fiction adaptation. His film Je T’aime I Love You Terminal (2011) was also shown in many festivals around the world and won the award for Best Feature Film at the Houston International Film Festival. Dani has been a festival juror and a lecturer for workshops and classes around the world, most recently at the International Filmmaking Academy, founded by famed writer/director/producer Gianvittorio Baldi, in Bologna, Italy.

Is That You will screen at the Syracuse International Film Festival on Thursday, Oct. 10, 2014 at the Palace Theater, James Street, Eastwood.

Tickets ($12) will be available at the venue door on the evening of the film; 
screening at 7pm, doors open at 6:15.

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