Staff Picks: February 2018

One of the best parts of our job at CNY Arts is seeing the direct results of our work to support and promote arts in the community! It’s impossible to get to every show, film, workshop, and exhibit that takes place throughout our six-county region but we love to try. Here’s some of our staff’s favorite arts experiences from February…


"One of my favorite books from middle/high school was “Flowers for Algernon”, and it was amazing to see CNY Playhouse’s production of the story a few weekends ago! If you aren’t familiar with the story, the main character Charley goes through quite a transformation and I was so impressed with actor Justin Polly’s ability to portray all stages of his life. There was also a live mouse in the show, so that was fun! I also always love “out of the box” scenic design, and their set (designed by Navroz Dabu) looked like it was made of giant children’s building blocks." -Lizz

"February 1st was the opening of the PATF Snow Show, a pop up art show at The Tech Garden featuring local artists! The show runs until April 13, if you want to check it out." - Lisa

“People find it hard to believe (or don't realize) there is an active improv scene in Syracuse, including groups Salt City Improv Theatre (short- and long-form), Don't Feed the Actors (short-form) and Syracuse Improv Collective (long-form). Both Salt City and the Syracuse Improv, which I've been a part of for five years, offered shows and drop-in classes this month. Although I didn't get a chance to check out the other's offerings due to conflicts and our SIC efforts, it's always great to perform unscripted, off-the-cuff material. It's been a strange month and heartbreaking news. It's good to turn off the media, sit back and laugh. It's even better to know that you've made people laugh.” - Chris

“This past February, I attended a matinee showing of Syracuse Stage's "Next to Normal". I was impressed by so many parts of my experience: by the sign language interpreters who sat in front of the stage, by the set design,by the catchy rock music, and of course by the acting which was very honest and moving. But what impressed me most of all was how this production played with my emotions. I found myself laughing, crying, and smiling, at various moments during the production. As a story surrounding family dysfunctions, I found it to be something that all members of the audience could relate to to some degree and the themes addressed in this show are so relevant and important as well. As my friend and I left the theater we didn't just say what we liked about the show. We had a meaningful conversation about mental health and addiction and found ourselves raising new questions...which is what the arts should do!” - Anissa

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Posted On: March 05, 2018
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