Executive Director Search


Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts (MVCA) is searching for their next Executive Director

If interested: send letter of interest and resume by October 11 to

MVCA is an organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating all aspects of the arts for residents of the Mohawk Valley. MVCA assumes the responsibility of leadership and advocacy for the arts through education, promoting interest and understanding of the arts, thereby advancing appreciation of the arts. MVCA believes that the arts should be a part of everyone’s life.

The general management of the affairs of MVCA is vested with the Board of Directors, which controls the property of the corporation, writes its policies, elects its officers, has the authority to authorize expenditures and take all necessary and proper steps to carry out the purposes of the corporation and promote its best interest. The general work of the organization is under the charge and direction of the Executive Director who is appointed by the Board of Directors.

Job Summary

The Executive Director provides managerial leadership for all activities related to the Arts Center, including, but not limited to, workshops, classes, exhibitions, retail sales, grant applications, and basic bookkeeping. Hours are irregular due to the variety of MVCA programming (days, nights, weekdays, weekends). Director needs to be flexible with their working hours. A regular presence at MVCA is required.

Requirements: solid business experience, advocate for the arts, creative mind, strong leader, organized, open-minded, strategic

Duties and Responsibilities

o Coordinate and maintain daily MVCA operations

o Supervise and evaluate any staff (volunteer or paid)

o Recruit and schedule instructors for educational programming

o Maintain MVCA contact files and contracts

o Establish procedures/protocol for all aspects of MVCA

o Maintain grant materials and reports

o Lead and influence membership, volunteers, and those who interact with MVCA

o Prepare grant applications with Board oversight and committee assistance

o Oversee publicity – website, mass emails, Facebook, media releases, Art Matters, paid ads, etc.

o Report activities to MVCA Board of Directors via monthly meetings/reports

o Serve as liaison with community organizations

o Act as the primary spokesperson of MVCA

o Guide mission/vision/strategic planning of MVCA

o Shape the outward perception of MVCA

o Provides overall guidance to the working committees: Cinema, Development, Education, Events, Facilities, Finance, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Publicity, Retail, Volunteers

o Attend MVCA events/activities

o Maintain good relationships with members, instructors, vendors, etc.

o Understand and guide MVCA finances with assistance from MVCA Treasurer

Posted On: September 28, 2015
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