Dasher's Magical Gift: Meet the Director!

It's Dasher time at CNY Arts, and we are so excited to present "Dasher's Magical Gift" for the 4th year! This is an important holiday tradition to us and many families in New York that began in 1979 when "The Adventures of Rudolph" premiered. We love the magical memories that these shows have created and are proud that both of these shows are 100% a labor of talent and love from right here in Central New York!

In the weeks leading up to the show, we want to introduce you to some of Santa's helpers who are bringing this show to life this year!

Today, we meet Larry Crabtree, Director/Choreographer for the show. In addition to creating the choreography, Larry assisted in the overall development and creation of the production. He is busy these days re-staging and rehearsing/coaching all the dancers annually. “[I] do my best to bring it onto the stage with meaning every year”.

Working on Dasher’s was important to Larry because he says, “It was a great opportunity to create something for the community and give back to my home town. Also, an honor to be given the chance by CNY Arts and carry on a tradition they had started with my dance teacher”. His motivation to do what he does is the audience and his students. His go-to person for this production was Lizz Allers, the Stage Manager. He said, “she keeps me sane”.

Larry’s favorite part in the show is when Dasher gets his Spirit of Christmas back and gives Pepper the gift meant for him. His favorite costume in the show is The Spirit of Christmas but recognizes that all of the costumes are pretty fantastic! The one area of the show Larry would have interest in that he doesn’t already do is the flying! :-D

Larry believes that although the show was created for younger children, he thinks it presents a lesson for various age groupings and is a great experience for the whole family. He believes the audience will be surprised by the meaning behind it and the caliber of the production with the dancers and overall production value.

Doing what Larry does, Dasher’s has inspired him in many ways. He loves adding new cast members every year and is rewarded by the letters and reactions from audience members every year.

A message from Larry: Hopefully, the message of the show, which is family and friends are what make the holiday season and everyday so very special and a gift<3.

Posted On: November 20, 2017
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