Dasher's Magical Gift: Meet the dancers!

It's Dasher time at CNY Arts, and we are so excited to present "Dasher's Magical Gift" for the 4th year! This is an important holiday tradition to us and many families in New York that began in 1979 when "The Adventures of Rudolph" premiered. We love the magical memories that these shows have created and are proud that both of these shows are 100% a labor of talent and love from right here in Central New York!

In the weeks leading up to the show, we want to introduce you to some of Santa's helpers who are bringing this show to life this year!

Today, meet Meggie Peterson and Ella Pisciarino! Meggie is playing the role of the Spirit of Christmas. Ella is Mistletoe the Reindeer and plays Glimmer the icicle.

Meggie now 16 years old started dancing at the age of 4. Although she started dance to be with her best friend who was dancing, she recalls how she “fell in love with...the discipline, technique, strength and beauty of ballet and performance”. Ella is 14 years old. She has been dancing since the age of 4 when her mom put her in dance lessons.

Meggie portrays the Spirit of Christmas. She loves the beauty and strength of the character who is wise, caring and powerful. Ella says what she likes most about her character as a reindeer is that they are “very cheerful ad energetic”. She likes that the icicles are “very elegant and magical”.

Although she says the hardest part about dance is being your own worst critic, Meggie enjoys dancing. She has enjoyed being a part of Giselle because of the choreography and will continue to grow as a dancer. Ella recognizes that commitment is the hardest thing for her about being a dancer. Time and effort are a priority when keeping up with this young dancer!

Come see Meggie and Ella in this year’s Dasher’s Magical Gift. Click here for more details and ticket information.



Posted On: November 13, 2017
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