Dasher's Magical Gift: Meet the dancers!

It's Dasher time at CNY Arts, and we are so excited to present "Dasher's Magical Gift" for the 4th year! This is an important holiday tradition to us and many families in New York that began in 1979 when "The Adventures of Rudolph" premiered. We love the magical memories that these shows have created and are proud that both of these shows are 100% a labor of talent and love from right here in Central New York! 

In the weeks leading up to the show, we want to introduce you to some of Santa's helpers who are bringing this show to life this year! 

Both Caitlin and Isabella play elves in "Dasher" this year. Caitlin is 14 and only started dancing 2 years ago, at age 12. She plays Candy the elf, which she says is fitting for her because she's addicted to candy! The biggest challenge for her in her ballet training is perfecting pirouettes.

Isabella is 11 (but will turn 12 during one of our performance days!).  She lives in Cicero and has been dancing since she was 4. She enjoys playing an elf because the elves get to have a lot of fun onstage, and because she gets to practice her acting in addition to her ballet technique! Isabella has been inspired to dance by seeing other dancers and shows - she hopes someday to play Pepper in "Dasher" (and learn to fly!) and also dreams of dancing on Broadway someday. She's perservering through the challenges of being en pointe with a great attitude - she says "You're not a true ballerina until your toes bleed!"

Come see Caitlin, Isabella, and the rest of the dancers on December 6-9 in "Dasher's Magical Gift"! Click here for more details and ticket information.

Posted On: October 16, 2017
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