Create Work of Art Inspired by a Cemetery


Have you ever noticed how beautiful cemeteries are? Even better, have you ever created a work of art inspired by a cemetery? If so (or even if you’ve ‘never thought about it’), now is your chance to make it so!

Thanks to a grant from CNY Arts and with help from the Cortland County Cultural Council — the Cortland Rural Cemetery will host its first-ever “Cemetery Art Show” featuring art inspired by our beautiful cemetery and displayed at the new home of the CCCC... at the cemetery’s historic ‘superintendent’s house’ on 112 Tompkins Street!

How it'll work, “at a glance”:

  • Create a work of art inspired by the CRC -- now through August 15, 2014 (please review our rules & register using the button at left, so we know you are participating!)
  • Submit your work to the CRC between August 15 and August 29th
  • Gallery opening will be Friday, September 5th -- 5-8pm at the Cortland County Cultural Council's new home (the Superintendent's House of the cemetery, located at 112 Tompkins Street, Cortland, NY)
  • Work will be exhibited and open to the public for 30 days after the opening

The Concept:
The Cortland Rural Cemetery (CRC) is a 44-acre, 160-year old, non-profit, and non-denominational rural cemetery located in the heart of Cortland, NY. Featuring all of the classic visual attributes of a ‘garden cemetery’ originating from the mid-19th century – e.g. asymmetric landscaping, rolling hills, stately trees, winding roads, and countless examples of art, typographic art, architecture, sculpture, and design represented on the many mausoleums, monuments, and literally thousands of markers scattered across the grounds -- the CRC is a largely unnoticed and yet extraordinarily rich resource for both artists and those who appreciate art and art history. To bring attention to this under-appreciated resource – and, in doing so, establish the CRC as important artistic resource for art practitioners and ‘art lovers’ alike -- we’re hosting our first-ever “Cemetery Art Show!” (The gallery opening will be September 5, 2014 from 5-8 pm — with works displayed for 30 days thereafter.)

How to Participate:
Now through August 15, 2014 — artists of all stripes are encouraged to visit and be inspired by the CRC. Whether the resulting work you generate is a painting, photograph, sculpture, musical composition, multi-media work, or some other art form — it will be eligible for inclusion in the Cemetery Art Show this Fall. Some rules-of-the-road do apply (please do see our website for those), but otherwise we’re excited to see what sort of work(s) Cortland’s art community comes up with! Works must be submitted to the CRC between August 15 and August 29th, to allow us time to place them in the gallery.

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Posted On: May 15, 2014
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