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Art on Parade is an innovative platform ­ a partnership between business and arts, created by the non­profit American Rupite. It is part of the annual Parade of Homes event that showcases the best in home building, newest trends and technology. Now thanks to the

program Art on Parade, it also allows visitors to discover how art can enhance and

personalize their homes. It offers a new and unique approach that enables both emerging and established artists and musicians to promote and market themselves as well as offer for sale their artwork and recordings. It is the bridge that connects local artists and musicians with the right market niche of affluent collectors, connoisseurs and potential buyers.


Selected artists will take part in both or one of the Art on Parade events listed here above as per an agreed schedule for each of these events. Artists will be allowed to select their

participation timeslots on the schedule on a first come, first serve basis. Artists may choose from a single timeslot of participation, and repeat it on other days, if they choose to do that.  Artists are not required to participate during the whole timeframe of Art on Parade in September. Participating and selected entries will be featured via American Rupite’s online galleries reaching more than 45 countries on 6 continents. Selected entries will be encouraged to promote and market themselves during their participation in Art on Parade, as well as market their works of art and recordings, both original and copies/prints. All Entries submitted by the above deadline, regardless of whether selected or not for Art on Parade, will be further considered for other upcoming exhibits, events, live performances and/or features.




TIMELINE​: September, 2015

American Rupite, Inc. is accepting applications from artists, artisans and photographers to take part in live performances and promote and market themselves during the 3rd Edition of the Art on Parade​program as follows:


Artists wishing full consideration must submit the following materials:

1. Please submit clear images (JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF file formats accepted) of examples of

   your artwork. Please submit no more than 5 images total.

2. A biography and/or web link for further information (website, blog, etc.). DOC or PDF file

   formats are only accepted.

3. Contact information including name, address, telephone and e­mail of the person

    responsible for the application.

4. $35 commitment fee made payable to American Rupite, Inc. Once you email us your    

     Entry,please mail out the check to the following address:

American Rupite, Inc.

PO Box 411

Camillus NY 13031.

Your Entry will be considered complete once the check is received by our office no later than the Deadline stated above.No other fees, commissions, etc. will be required before or during the Art on Parade events,and there will be no charges for your participation or use of space during these events.American Rupite will not act as an agent to participating artists and musicians, and will not pay selected applicants fees for their participation. However, as stated above, AmericanRupite will promote, market and help artists and musicians sell their works of art and/or recordings, regardless of their format (originals or copies/prints).

Selected entries will participate in rotating performances according to an agreed schedule

(see Participation below for more details)


All selected entries must be available to take part in at least one of the two events listed here above. Participation in Art on Parade in September will be limited according to an agreed schedule (see Participation below for more details). To learn more about the program Art on Parade, please visit


Paintings, Etchings, Sculptures, Photography, Statues, Wood work, Hand­made Pottery, Hand­made Ceramics. Hand­made baskets, Copper­hammered Art, Natural cosmetics made by farms and/or artisans, Candle Art, Yard Art


Submissions are reviewed by the Art on Parade committee at American Rupite, Inc. Selected artists will be contacted by e­mail or phone no later than April 30, 2015.


All entries must be submitted online at by the Entry Deadline above in order to be eligible for consideration.


All entrants to American Rupite’s Call for Artists, Artisans and Photographres, by virtue of their submission, are attesting that the images submitted are their own work or copies of their own work, and there has been no copyright infringement. American Rupite, Inc. will not be held liable for any infringement of rights that might surface during the selection, display or performance of any art/products and/or images.

By submitting your entry you:

  • ­ Acknowledge your availability for both or one of the events listed here above.

  • ­ Agree to participate as part of the events listed above.

  • ­ Grant American Rupite the right to use your recording(s) and/or image(s) for promotion purposes related to this Call for Entries.


If you have questions, please contact us at:


Tel:l (315) 944­2099.

Copyright © American Rupite, Inc.

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Preview Art on Parade Location to be announced: Syracuse NY. May, 2015

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