All Art Tells a Story

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The Art Gallery at the Tech Garden proudly presents Artists Telling Stories, a juried exhibit featuring 23 artists and more than 70 pieces of artwork.

Opening Reception tonight, Thursday July 24, 2014 5-7pm

Exhibit Runs: July 24 – September 18, 2014

Artists Telling Stories, Curated by Kristina Starowitz will be Opening Thursday 7/24/2014 with a "Meet The Artists Reception" from 5-7pm at the Tech Garden Art Gallery. The Gallery is located at 235 Harrison St, Syracuse

All artwork tells a story… This juried exhibit showcases 23 Artists' work accompanied by a thoughtful dialogue on how each artist communicates a story through their artwork. We hope you will enjoy the many stories that are revealed in this vibrant exhibit!

Some of our featured Artists include:
Amy Bartell’s Archeological Memoir pieces are nearly 7 feet tall. The size coupled with a sensitive handling of the materials becomes a dialogue and an experience in itself. Amy believes that stories live in the details, bits and pieces revealed over time.

Jeff Madison creates vibrant worlds for us to experience from inside his imagination using his own photography and digital manipulation skills.

Michael Moody lets his story unfold on the surface of his paintings with no set agenda, allowing himself to be inspired by the shape and size of the canvas and every mark that has come before.

Diana Godfrey creates a feeling of atmosphere within her artwork as the layers of the piece build up. Her story comes alive in the viewer's response to color and texture.

Barbara Conte-Gaugel is drawn to things old rusty and ordinary that once had a purpose – it is through giving these items and images new context that she builds a story for the viewer to read and experience.

The Participating Artists

Jacqueline Adamo
Joan Applebaum
Amy Bartell
Barbara Conte-Gaugel
Deb Dahlin
Patrice Downes Centore
Vykky Ebner
Patricia Elliot Seitz
Mary Fragapane
Domenico Gigante
Diana Godfrey
Patty Mabie Rich
Jeff Madison
Suzanne Masters
Michael Moody
Steve Nyland
Phil Parsons
Kathy Petrillo
Maria Rizzo
Kristina Starowitz
Karmin Schafer HansenNathaniel West
Clare Willson

Accompanying Photos 
Barbara Conte-Gaugel
Remnant #42 - 45 rpm   
Assemblage made with found objects, painted background, shadowbox
14.5"x13.5"x 3" 

Michael Moody
The Guitar Master
Oil on Canvas

The Tech Garden is located at 235 Harrison Street in Syracuse.



Posted On: July 24, 2014
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