Workforce Readiness 2018

CNY Arts is proud to announce its new Arts Workforce Readiness Program, supported by NYSCA REDC.

Through CNY Arts’ Workforce Readiness Program, trainees will develop the foundational skills and experiences needed to be adequately qualified for and successful in a position within the arts and cultural sectors. The program will supplement the work experience with career preparation and training opportunities in resume creation, job placement support and interview skills. 

This is a competitive opportunity for any and all interested applicants, and we encourage anyone interested to apply. CNY Arts is an equal opportunity employer. 

All trainees will work closely with CNY Arts’ developing “Arts & Entertainment Cultural Districts” initiative, as included in the 2015 Upstate Regional Initiative Award for Central New York. In the initial phases, trainees will develop relationships with arts and culture organizations within the district and will curate event content for the Collaborative Marketing Information System. Trainees will work closely with the web designer to develop virtual districts and to encourage networking and collaboration within the districts. Trainees will also be tasked with writing and developing event newsletters, company articles, blog posts, and social media and for the arts agencies, especially around our Arts and Entertainment Districts. 

At the end of the term, the trainees will be evaluated, and, depending on success, CNY Arts will help the trainees with their job search to the best of our ability.

Please read the descriptions of the opportunities below. To apply, please click here.

For more information regarding the program or to apply, please contact No phone calls please.

Opportunities Available

The Marketing/Communications trainee will work closely with CNY Arts staff, Syracuse Design and Cowley Associates to gain knowledge and skills relating to the marketing of arts and culture organizations. Technical skills to be developed will include: graphic design, web design, management of content information systems, basic coding, social media management and interpretation of analytic information. Trainee will also learn basic marketing and communications strategies, including buying ads, targeting messages and developing ad campaigns. Trainee will also shadow CNY Arts staff and cultural tourism subcommittee (a group of arts leaders and tourism promotion agencies) on a proposed Winter Season Marketing campaign.

The Community Engagement trainee will work closely with CNY Arts staff and will be able to receive mentoring opportunities from members of the Arts in Higher Education Consortium, a group of arts professors and deans working collaboratively on goals to bolster arts education in the region, and leaders in the arts community to ascertain and serve the needs of our six-county region. Skills developed will include program coordination, from outreach to potential participant to day-of event facilitation, plus communication training. Trainee will work closely on the “On My Own Time” adult art program conducted with the business community, “Michael Harms Theatre Festival” for high school students and “Dasher’s Magical Gift” for K-4 students. Trainee will work closely with CNY Arts’ partner Le Moyne college on their “Economic Impact of the Arts & Culture Industries in Central New York” study, plus help update and evaluate the regional cultural plan (ENGAGE CNY).

The Grantmaking trainee will train with CNY Arts granting staff and financial consultants, including CNY Arts auditing firm Evans and Bennet, LLP and CNY Arts treasurer from Canale Accounting, our bookkeeping consultant and others to gain an understanding of all aspects of grantmaking, financial vetting, program evaluation, promotion and outreach and disbursement for seven regrant programs, including project support, economic development and general operating support programs. Trainee will also receive training in technical skills in online accounting program Quickbooks and online grants programs, Submittable. The Grantmaking trainee will also especially work closely with CNY Arts staff on all grant applications and/or regrants surrounding the Arts and Entertainment districting project, which is a designated priority of NYS.